Commit 9b022399 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

CategoryTool: optimize getCategoryList and getAcquiredCategoryList

parent dd5ffa73
......@@ -1152,21 +1152,17 @@ class CategoryTool( UniqueObject, Folder, Base ):
security.declareProtected( Permissions.AccessContentsInformation, 'getCategoryList' )
def getCategoryList(self, context):
if getattr(aq_base(context), 'categories', _marker) is not _marker:
if isinstance(context.categories, tuple):
result = list(context.categories)
elif isinstance(context.categories, list):
result = context.categories
result = []
result = getattr(aq_base(context), 'categories', None)
if result is not None:
result = list(result)
elif isinstance(context, dict):
result = list(context.get('categories', []))
return list(context.get('categories', ()))
result = []
if getattr(context, 'isCategory', 0):
category_url = context.getRelativeUrl()
if category_url not in result:
result.append(context.getRelativeUrl()) # Pure category is member of itself
result.append(category_url) # Pure category is member of itself
return result
_getCategoryList = getCategoryList
......@@ -1184,12 +1180,10 @@ class CategoryTool( UniqueObject, Folder, Base ):
def getAcquiredCategoryList(self, context):
result = self.getAcquiredCategoryMembershipList(context,
base_category = self.getBaseCategoryList(context=context))
append = result.append
non_acquired = self._getCategoryList(context)
for c in non_acquired:
for c in self._getCategoryList(context):
# Make sure all local categories are considered
if c not in result:
return result
# Catalog related methods
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