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    ERP5 Subcategory: Remove '_'(underscore) from 'multiple_selection' subcategory... · 1075a315
    Ayush Tiwari authored
    ERP5 Subcategory: Remove '_'(underscore) from 'multiple_selection' subcategory in elmentary_type category.
    Subcategory 'multiple_selection' has been renamed to 'multiple selection' to maintain consistency.
    Earlier, whenever a new StandardCategory object was created with property_type 'multiple selection',
    one needed to change the elementary type explicilty to use it to generate property setters and getters.
    The example for this can be seen from this commit:
    After this change, in the view, property type field couldn't recognize the property and displays
    (???multiple selection).
    Also, everywhere in erp5, list_types do mention 'multiple selction' and not 'multiple_selection'.
    So, its better to maintain consistency in naming the subcategory.
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