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    ERP5ShortMessage: simplify gateway interface · dad444b3
    Jérome Perrin authored
    Implementation dependant parameters, such as message type or quality,
    must be defined by the gateway class, not in the common
    ShortMessage_send script.
    This should make it easier to switch implementations.
     * send method is expected to be called once per recipient. I guess we
       prefer to isolate messages than to batch send messages efficiently.
     * send method expect relative url of sender and reciever documents, so
       that it can decide which properties to use.
     * drop `sender_title` parameter, now the gateway implementation decide
       what to use.
     * drop `test` parameter. For simulation mode, set simulation mode on
       the gateway instance
     * sms.send() no longer accept direct from_url / to_url / body message.
       It only supports sending what's defined on document properties.
     * SMSTool_afterSend will be called with message_id parameter, not
     * Split interfaces in two SMS Sending / SMS Receiving.
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