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    CMFCategory: review usage of current_category and rename it current_category_list · 5e44e178
    Sebastien Robin authored
    Since the beginning, there was in getCategoryChildItemList Renderer
    API the possibility to pass a parameter 'current_category'. The idea
    was to allow displaying a category which is not part of what the item
    list will return (typically, if you expire a category, and if you check
    permission, the category will not be in item list any more).
    But the way it was implemented was too inconvenient and it looks never
    used. So improve several things:
    - possibility to pass multiple categories for multi value cases
    - reuse renderer to render current categories instead of just reinjecting
      the url (which is not user friendly)
    - implement handling of current_category_list in getCategoryChildItemList
      to allow caching the result of the Renderer. The only part which is not
      cached is the rendering of current categories.
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