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from Products.CMFActivity.Activity.Queue import VALIDATION_ERROR_DELAY

def waitForActivities(self, count=1000):
    We wait until all activities are finished

    RuntimeError is raised in case there is no way
    to finish activities.
  activity_tool = self.getPortalObject().portal_activities
  while count > 0:
    count -= 1
    x = activity_tool.getMessageList()
    if not x:
      return 'Done.'
    if all(x.processing_node == -2 for x in x):
    activity_tool.process_timer(None, None)
    if count % 10 == 0:
      activity_tool.timeShift(3 * VALIDATION_ERROR_DELAY)
  raise RuntimeError('tic is looping forever.')

def UpdateImage(image):

def urlread(url, safe_return=0):
  import urllib
    return urllib.urlopen(url).read()
  except IOError, e:
    if safe_return:
      # Return an Selenium test code that will obviously fail. This 
      # prevent zelenium test run get Stalled.
      return """<html><body><table><tr><td>assertTextPresent</td>
                <td>An error occurred when dowload %s : %s </td>
                <td></td><tr></body></html>""" % (url , e)
    raise IOError(e)

def editZPT(zpt, text):
  zpt.pt_edit(text, 'text/html')

  Add the test at the end of the webpage (overwrite the current test if there's already one) and hide it
def appendTestToWebPage(text, test_text):
  import lxml.html
  root = lxml.html.fromstring(text)
  test_root = lxml.html.fromstring(test_text)
  test_root = test_root.xpath('//table')[0]
  tutorial_test = lxml.html.fromstring('<table></table>')
  tutorial_test.tag = test_root.tag
  for att in test_root.attrib.keys():
    tutorial_test.attrib[att] = test_root.attrib[att]
  hidden_list = [tutorial_test] + tutorial_test.xpath('//span')
  for element in hidden_list:
  table_list = root.xpath('//table[@id="SELENIUM-TEST"]')
  if(len(table_list) == 0):
    root.replace(table_list[0], tutorial_test)
  return lxml.html.tostring(root).replace('\n','').replace("\'","'")

from App.config import getConfiguration
import os

def prepareReportDirectory(self, expected_filename):
  Remove existing report with the given filename if any. This must be called
  before a report button is clicked
  filename_path = os.path.join(getConfiguration().instancehome, 'var',

  if os.path.exists(filename_path):

  return 'Done'

def isReportGenerated(self, expected_filename):
  Check that the report has been generated. Firefox will not prompt for PDF
  files as defined in ERP5Type.tests.ERP5TypeFunctionalTestCase.Firefox in
  getPrefJs() method
  filename_path = os.path.join(getConfiguration().instancehome, 'var',

  if os.path.isfile(filename_path):
    return 'Done'

  return 'Report not generated!'