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Z MySQL DA Releases


    Allow the connection string to work without a specified database.

    Wrap queries with a lock to prevent multiple threads from using
    the connection simultaneously (this may or may not be happening).
    If transactional, then there is an additional transaction lock,
    acquired at the beginning of the transaction and released when
    either finished or aborted.

    A named lock can be specified by inserting *LOCKNAME at the start
    of the connection string. This is probably best used only if you
    must use non-transactional tables.

    Some stuff will be logged as an error when bad things happen
    during the transaction manager hooks.


    More information about columns is available from the table
    browser. This is primarily to support SQL Blender.

    DECIMAL and NUMERIC columns now returned as floating-point numbers
    (was string). This has also been fixed in MySQLdb-0.9.1, but the
    fix is included here just in case you don't upgrade. Upgrading is
    a good idea anyway, because some memory-related bugs are fixed,
    particularly if using Zope 2.4 and Python 2.1.


    Transaction support tweaked some more. A plus (+) or minus (-)
    at the beginning of the connection string will force transactions
    on or off respectively. By default, transactions are enabled if
    the server supports them. Beware: If you are using non-TST tables
    on a server that supports transactions, you should probably force
    transactions off.


    This version finally should have all the transaction support
    working correctly. If your MySQL server supports transactions,
    i.e. it has at least one transaction-safe table (TST) handler,
    transactions are enabled automatically. If transactions are
    enabled, rollbacks (aborts) fail if any non-TST tables were


    Transactions don't really work right in this and prior versions.


    INT columns, whether UNSIGNED or not, are returned as Python
    long integers to avoid overflows. Python-1.5.2 adds an 'L' to
    the end of long integers when printing. Later versions do not.
    As a workaround, use affected columns with a format string,
    i.e. '<dtml-var x fmt="%d">'.


    This is the first version of the database adapter using MySQLdb
    for Zope.  This database adapter is based on the Z DCOracle DA
    version 2.2.0.