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2013-09-08 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Revert 'Allow to execute runUnitTest for bt5 Test Components' to fix tests bootstrap.

2013-09-03 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Workflow History must always be kept, so avoid an extra step for developers.

2013-08-30 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Migrate Documents, Extensions and Tests.

2010-12-13 nicolas.dumazet
* Migrate Tools to portal type classes

2010-07-15 mayoro
* Customise change password dialog according to egov style

2010-07-12 mayoro
* Add removed propertysheet PDFForm, needed by PDF Type

2010-07-12 mayoro
* remove overloading Types Tool

2010-07-12 mayoro
* remove Translation Information

2010-07-12 mayoro
* rome portal_type Types Tool in the bt and allow adding EGov Type and Meta EGov Type instance in

2010-07-12 mayoro
* remove document_publication_workflow
* remove catalog method it's in erp5_egov_mysql_innodb_catalog
* use http_cache insted of root_http_skin_cache (removed)

2010-07-08 mayoro
* display bottom_actions
* remove added button

2010-07-08 mayoro
* display owner's name in history and date and translated state

2010-07-08 mohamadou
* add a description to the attachment to give the model

2010-07-08 mayoro
* remove wrong condition
* change pending worklist permissions

2010-07-08 mayoro
* add tabber-cookie.js
* order action buttons on header workspaces
* Allow change password in citizen's home page
* give proxy role manager to allow accessing  owner_info

2010-07-08 mohamadou
* set Type Aquire Local Roles on portal_types used as attachments.

2010-07-08 mayoro
* Select View tab corresponding to generated form

2010-07-07 mayoro
* remove using getOwner (private method)
* remove proxy roles

2010-07-07 mayoro
* remove test because id will be always present in owner_info

2010-07-07 mayoro
* display name of requester in attachment list

2010-07-07 mayoro
* change automatic transitions

2010-07-07 mayoro
* rename complet transition to complete (mistake) and approuve to approve
* change permission on states
* modify role on transitions
* add automatic transitions
* add workflists
* change transition in EGovTypeInformation according to workflow changes
* remove permissions on renamed actions (managed on workflow transition)

2010-07-06 mayoro
* correct display of advanced search dialog
* correct display of explanation in attachments

2010-07-06 mohamadou
* add assignee default role on procedure portal type role information

2010-07-05 mayoro
* remove proxy role manager for  Script PDFType_viewDefaultForm to avoid displaying tab meta data
* clean history displaying, remove duplicate lines for actions like approve and approve actions

2010-07-03 mayoro
* Add publication of web pages in SetUpEGovInstance

2010-07-01 mohamadou
* update the local role after creating role information

2010-07-01 mayoro
* Test if the returned title or portal_type of attachments are not None before proceed

2010-06-29 mohamadou
* Add erp5_egov_security skin folder

2010-06-29 mayoro
* Give some roles to manager
* Add two worklists

2010-06-29 mayoro
* Clean up page templates and scripts, remove french expression, use Locallizer for translation
* Add Agent role for procedure
* Rename Egov_getTendererFromUserName

2010-06-26 mayoro
* correct previous commit, use contentValues because  of caching method

2010-06-26 mayoro
* Add erp5_html_compatibility in EGov registered skin selection, needed for form_view_dialog
* Use  catalog to search for attachments
* Make change password available just for Person or Organisation accounts (not for procedure)

2010-06-25 mayoro
* remove tenderer in Folder_viewEgovContentList (unused)

2010-06-25 mayoro
* modify catalog table egov and use generic attributes in z_catalog_egov_list and z_create_egov

2010-06-25 mohamadou
*Give anonymous access to a portal_type that does not require authentication

2010-06-24 mohamadou
*rename the script Egov_updateProcedureLocalRole in EGov_updateProcedureLocalRole

2010-06-24 mayoro
*use portal_type as expression kache key

2010-06-24 mayoro
* use lambda expression to filter objects without portal_type in z_catalog_egov_list filter

2010-06-23 mohamadou
* add a script to update a procedure's local roles using a username and role_name_list

2010-06-23 mohamadou
* use ERP5Type_getSecurityCategoryFromAssignmentParentGroup to generate function_group* group of security

2010-06-23 mohamadou
* use role_name_list instead of role_name in procedure role information definition

2010-06-23 mayoro
* modify ERP5Site_getQuickSearchableTypeList to allow processing anonymous and not anonymous procedure
* after login redirect in desired default page (default view)

2010-06-23 mayoro
* Allow manager to set own password for procedures

2010-06-23 mayoro
* Change filter expression in z_catalog_egov_list
* Allow Agent and Owner to delete procedure in draft state

2010-06-23 mayoro
* correct redirect url when logout
* display login and password to track anonymous procedure at the end of submission (it's not only for Subscription Form)
* remove log in EGov_Base_editAndNextStep
* configure listbox of PDFDocument_viewAnonymousHistory

2010-06-23 mohamadou
* change erp5_egov skin priority since some standar script are redefined.

2010-06-23 mayoro
* correct previous commit, use procedure_request instead of procedure

2010-06-22 mayoro
* Allow anonymous procedure to login
* after captcha test use the desired portal_type to create new procedure (previous one was hardcoded)
* remove form_action in WebSite_viewCaptchaRenderer it's no longer used

2010-06-22 mayoro
* add view as default view of web page captcha

2010-06-22 mayoro
* remove fixe value of recipient, mistake

2010-06-21 mohamadou
*add external methods to use the new extension
- setUpInstance to set up all egov instance
- enableProcedureLogin to enable some procedure such as Subscription Form to log in.
* add SetUpEGovInstance Extension, to use Egov User and Group Manager and to enable some procedure log in.

2010-06-21 mohamadou
* add publication section in erp5_egov  Assignment _view

2010-06-21 mohamadou
* update EgovSecurity  to set security for Anonymous only if there is no authentification and no subscription

2010-06-21 mohamadou
* update generatePortalType to use good role category for role information definition
* add publication_section category if procedure needs subscription

2010-06-20 mayoro
* Add complete transition from accepted state
*Add the title of the transition Complete, it should not be configured in the hosting form

2010-06-20 mayoro
*adjust left margin for status displaying
* remove some specific files in img and clean up page templates

2010-06-18 mayoro
* add script to generate security from entity

2010-06-13 mayoro
*rename mistake in login_form of ecitizen (egov_portal) is no longer used
*add padding left for site title in template_erp5_egov.css

2010-06-13 mayoro
*remove unused variables

2010-06-02 mayoro
* clean up change log and remove mistakes
* remove replacing whitespace in preocedure title

2010-06-02 mayoro
* add some processing in procedure title in case of special caracters before generating portal_type

2010-06-02 mayoro
* rename extension for egov security
* remove some word added by mistakes
* remove unused extension SetUpInstance

2010-06-01 mayoro
* remove portal_skins added by mistake

2010-06-01 mayoro
* New version of ERP5 egov based on dynamic form generated from sla and pdf files defined on portal_types

2009-09-07 yusuke
* Replace ERP5Report to ERP5Form and ReportBox

2008-11-17 fabien
* add workflow scripts to send notification by email

2008-11-17 mohamadou
* update workflow script for new form.

2008-11-11 fabien
* modify some scripts to be able to make a subscription using the new form
* typo

2008-11-03 fabien
* add an interaction to raise an error on subscription submission if an account already exists
* add a default parameter to NOT be in editable mode
* hide "save draft and continue later" button and "Next step" buttons if user don't have Modify content permission.

2008-11-01 fabien
* fix some problem in the send of credentials. Now it works, even with yahoo ! (not considered as spam)
* fix a pb in a translated sentence

2008-10-21 fabien
* fix some mistakes in sendCrendentialsByEMail workflow script and remove sender because it's not required
* update testEgovMixin to add some other generic methods

2008-10-20 fabien
* update ERP5Site_getSecurityFromLatestWorkflowHistory  to remove workflow hardcoded value
* add a script generateNewLogin to generate new login (remove spaces and accents, add a number at the end if the login already exists, ...)
* send credentials using portal_notification

2008-10-16 fabien
* change css to have all the tabs of the forms (actions) on the right instead of have the first on right and the others in the middle

2008-10-15 fabien
* update some listbox to display the last application in first
* update css
* add some rights on assignee to the validated state on egov_universal_workflow. This avoid a security error if an agent have an assigned application and refuse it (it will change the state of the application to validated and redirect the agent on it).
* update some listbox to be able to handle searchable text and to be able to sort application by modification date (descending)
* make possible to return on the form page, even if the form has been submitted, this permit to see what have been entered in the form, but it's not possible to modify it
* display logout button on every pages

2008-10-10 fabien
bring some corrections after the Mme Ba review :
* remove Mandate form from the allowed form list because it's not implemented yet
* improve EGov_goToDocument script
* update WebSite_login page template to redirect form user on view if the state of the document is draft (to be able to continue the subscription)
* modify checkAccountInexistance workflow script to use ninea number instead of rccm one to check that the company don't exists
* modify "Save draft and continue later" button behavior. Now when you click on, data are saved and a page is displayed with your credentials (if it's an anonymous application)
* add EGov_Base_editAndRedirect script that save the data of the current form and redirect to

2008-09-25 fabien
* modify some selection_name on listbox to be unique and avoid conflic

2008-09-23 fabien
* remove standardSecurity extension. The name was in conflict with an Extension in erp5_core. Move it in erp5_egov bt and rename it in ERP5EGov_Security.

2008-09-12 fabien
* Change all indentation, thanks to julien patch

2008-09-11 fabien
* Make anonymous subscription safer using a login and password to check the application progress.

2008-09-09 fabien
* report_section refactoring to be more generic and easier to customize with more pdf

2008-08-26 fabien
* add erp5_captcha skin folder
* add portal_sessions tool

2008-06-10 fabien
* add erp5_egov_catalog to dependence list

2008-06-07 fabien
* move all web page and web site to erp5_egov bt

2008-06-04 fabien
* enhance EGov_Base_editAndNextStep script, now it should be possible to not
have a modified Base_edit script

2008-05-26 fabien
bt refactoring :
* change portal_types names
* add functionality (captcha, contextual help,...)
* enhance security, ...

2008-03-11 fabien
* hide Preference button on the workspace for annonymous users
* add a login_form sript to override the existing one and permit to redirect on the appropriate page

2008-03-10 fabien
* add some controls on validation state, add two widgets to see pending requests and users documents, align the form on the right, but all other pages are centered, enhance listbox page template to handle custom listbox fields.

2008-03-07 fabien
* set up security and bring lot of change on all the bt

2007-12-27 fabien
* Initial prototype