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2013-09-08 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Revert 'Allow to execute runUnitTest for bt5 Test Components' to fix tests bootstrap.

2013-09-03 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Workflow History must always be kept, so avoid an extra step for developers.

2013-08-28 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Migrate Documents, Extensions and Tests.

2013-06-18 arnaud.fontaine
* message_attribute_does_not_match was incorrectly renamed to message_attribute_match when migrating StringAttributeMatch constraint from filesystem to ZODB. Also, use message_attribute_not_match instead of message_attribute_does_not_match to follow ERP5 naming convention.

2012/07/03 Gabriel Monnerat
* Initial version.