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2013-09-08 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Revert 'Allow to execute runUnitTest for bt5 Test Components' to fix tests bootstrap.

2013-09-03 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Workflow History must always be kept, so avoid an extra step for developers.

2013-08-28 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Migrate Documents, Extensions and Tests.

2011-07-07 arnaud.fontaine
* Add Benchmark Result and Benchmark Result Line for scalability testing results.

2010-10-27 nicolas.dumazet
* fix TestResultModule_viewTestResultDiff: id is meaningless for test lines, title should be used instead

2010-10-22 nicolas.dumazet
* color test result lines depending on test result

2010-09-29 nicolas.dumazet
* add TestResultModule_viewTestResultDiff report to be able to compare two successive test runs from the Test Result Module view.

2010-03-11 lucas
* some Test Result documents have the project revision set in comment, so it would be good change the e-mail subject to  .... rREVISION Webproject@REVISION .... This patch solves the bug #1615

2010-01-12 jerome
* category function/robot and portal type roles moved to configuration business templates

2008-10-2 yusei
* Stop to acquire Access Contents information permission and define it on each role explicitly.

2008-10-1 yusei
* Update xml format.

2008-10-1 yusei
* Turned off Acquire Local Roles option on Test Result type information.

2008-06-30 Jérome
* Handle the case of tests that have errors due to syntax error or missing import and don't even print a traceback when sending notification.

2007-07-12 Ivan
* Create