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2013-09-08 arnaud.fontaine
* ZODB Components: Revert 'Allow to execute runUnitTest for bt5 Test Components' to fix tests bootstrap.

2011-08-04 gabriel.oliveira
* Export knowledge pad and gadget preserving its state

2011-08-01 gabriel.oliveira
* Fix default_image of gadget ung_document_list

2011-08-01 gabriel.oliveira
* Fix add ung_knowledge_pad

2011-08-01 gabriel.oliveira
* Add ung listbox's knowledge_pad and related gadget

2010-12-28 gabriel
* Added erp5_full_text_myisam_catalog as dependency

2010-12-28 gabriel
* Added new UNG Preference tab to preferences. For now, this tab contains one field to choose the theme for sheet editor.

2010-12-27 gabriel
* Moved all Portal Type Roles from erp5_web_ung_core to erp5_web_ung_role
* Added Roles to Person Portal Type. This role is used to the user authenticated see the object. Missing add function that is used by Portal Types Roles.

2010-12-18 gabriel
* Added Proxy Roles
* Added Portal Types Roles to be possible a erp5 users create manipulate Documents in UNG Web Site

2010-11-02 gabriel
* Update path of jquery plugins

2010-10-15 gabriel
* Remove erp5_jquery folder and added erp5_jquery bt5 as dependency.

2010-10-13 gabriel
* The initial version.