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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from cgi import escape
from lxml import etree
from lxml.etree import Element, SubElement, CDATA
from lxml.builder import E

def formToXML(form, prologue=1):
    """Takes a formulator form and serializes it to an XML representation.
    form_as_xml = Element('form')
    encoding = form.stored_encoding or 'utf-8'
    # export form settings
    for field in form.settings_form.get_fields(include_disabled=1):
      id =
      value = getattr(form, id)
      if id == 'unicode_mode':
        if value:
          value = 'true'
          value = 'false'
      sub_element = SubElement(form_as_xml, id)
      sub_element.text = escape(str(value)).decode(encoding)
    groups = SubElement(form_as_xml, 'groups')
    # export form groups
    for group in form.get_groups(include_empty=1):
      group_element = SubElement(groups, 'group')

      fields = SubElement(group_element, 'fields')
      for field in form.get_fields_in_group(group, include_disabled=1):
        field_element = E.field(

        values_element = SubElement(field_element, 'values')
        items = field.values.items()
        for key, value in items:
          if value is None:
          if value is True: # XXX Patch
            value = 1 # XXX Patch
          if value is False: # XXX Patch
            value = 0 # XXX Patch
          if callable(value): # XXX Patch
            value_element = SubElement(values_element, key, type='method')
          elif isinstance(value, float):
            value_element = SubElement(values_element, key, type='float')
          elif isinstance(value, int):
            value_element = SubElement(values_element, key, type='int')
          elif isinstance(value, list):
            value_element = SubElement(values_element, key, type='list')
            if not isinstance(value, (str, unicode)):
              value = str(value)
            value_element = SubElement(values_element, key)
          value_element.text = escape(str(value)).decode(encoding)

        tales_element = SubElement(field_element, 'tales')
        items = field.tales.items()
        for key, value in items:
          if value:
            tale_element = SubElement(tales_element, key)
            tale_element.text = escape(str(value._text)).decode(encoding)
        messages = SubElement(field_element, 'messages')
        for message_key in field.get_error_names():
          message_element = SubElement(messages, 'message', name=message_key)
          message_element.text = escape(field.get_error_message(message_key)).decode(encoding)
        # Special attribute for ProxyFields *delegated_list*
        delegated_list = getattr(field, 'delegated_list', [])
        if delegated_list:
          delegated_list_element = SubElement(field_element, 'delegated_list')
          [SubElement(delegated_list_element, delegated) for delegated in delegated_list]

    form_as_string = etree.tostring(form_as_xml, encoding='utf-8',
                                    xml_declaration=True, pretty_print=True)
    if form.unicode_mode:
      return etree.tostring(form_as_xml, encoding='utf-8',
                                    xml_declaration=True, pretty_print=True)
      return etree.tostring(form_as_xml, encoding=form.stored_encoding,
                                    xml_declaration=True, pretty_print=True)