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Formulator Form - Test


    In this view, you can test your form. The fields in your form will
    be rendered as a simple HTML form. The fields are grouped and come
    in a certain order; this can be defined with the form's 'order'

    You can fill in some values and click on the 'Test' button to
    submit the form.

    You will now see the test form again. If all of your input was
    successfully validated by the fields in the form, you the message
    'All fields were validated correctly' above your form.

    If some of the fields could not be validated, you will instead see
    the message 'Not all fields could be validated' appear, and a list
    with the validation errors:

      * 'field_id' indicates the field that gave this validation error.

      * 'error_key' is the name of the error message; you can find it
         on that field's 'messages' tab.

      * 'error_text' is the actual text associated with that
        'error_key'; you can modify it on the field's messages tab.