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    use fulltext search in title and description. · d47df833
    Kazuhiko Shiozaki authored
    * to quickly setup catalog_full_text table, you can use the following SQL.
      REPLACE INTO catalog_full_text SELECT uid, title, description FROM catalog;
    * non fulltext queries like '=abc', '>abc', '%abc%' are supported.
    * now erp5_full_text_mroonga_catalog is used for unit tests thus I recommend using it instead of erp5_full_text_myisam_catalog.
    * to migrate existing MyISAM full_text table into Mroonga, you can use the following SQL.
      ALTER TABLE full_text DROP KEY SearchableText,
        ENGINE = mroonga,
        ADD FULLTEXT KEY SearchableText (`SearchableText`) COMMENT 'parser "TokenBigramSplitSymbolAlpha"';
    * fulltext search score is no longer provided as (column_name) but now provided as (column_name)__score__.
    * (category)_title, like source_title, related keys are automatically generated. (category)_description keys as well.