This file will give you a quick help on how to get ERP5 running on a computer. might contain more accurate information.


The reader is supposed to have a basic knowledge of unix commands, MySQL and
Zope administration.

The Requirements

The following components are required in order to use ERP5:

Third-party components:
* Zope                                                    
* Zope CMF                                                
* MySQL                                                  
* Localizer                                             
* BTreeFolder2      
* CMFhoto
* CMFReportTool
* PluggableAuthService

Some of those components can be downloaded as RPMs from nexedi repository :
urpmi.addmedia nexedi

From ERP5 subversion repository:
      svn co
* CMFActivity
* CMFCategory
* ERP5
* ERP5Catalog
* ERP5Form
* ERP5Security
* ERP5SyncML
* ERP5Type
* ZSQLCatalog


Move/copy each CVS module you listed above directly into the Products folder
corresponding to the Zope instance you want to install ERP5 in.
Restart Zope.

First use

From Zope Managment Interface:
Select "ERP5 Site" from the dropdown box in the workspace.

What to do if something goes wrong

Check that you have the latest versions from subversion.
Check that you have all the required components in a working state.
Restart Zope.