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    ERP5TypeFunctionalTestCase: set $XORG_LOCK_DIR · 7479fa63
    Jérome Perrin authored
    By setting XORG_LOCK_DIR, we can isolate processes when running on slapos test
    nodes, so that instead of having all test runners used the shared /tmp, which
    eventually fail with
        EnvironmentError: All displays locked : [':123', ':124', ':125', ...
    errors when too many testnodes are currently running or too many testnodes have
    left some stale lock files. Eventhough since fbdb4ec9 (test: Do not check
    presence of lockfile in /tmp/ to assume Xvfb is running for this display, 2017-06-07)
    things have improved, it happens that the lock files are owned by a different
    unix user (because it was left by another testnode), then Xvfb is not able to
    remove the stale lock file.