Commit 00bdb44f authored by Ivan Tyagov's avatar Ivan Tyagov

Do not store instance of an Image in cache, store its value respectively.

Do handle well case between 'display' argument and its pixel size representation by storing in cache only 'display' argument.
parent 7710830c
......@@ -279,19 +279,23 @@ class Image(TextConvertableMixin, File, OFSImage):
quality = kw.get('quality', _MARKER)
if quality is _MARKER:
quality = self.getDefaultImageQuality(format)
#print "image._convert", kw, quality, self.getRelativeUrl(), self.getPortalType()
convert_kw = {'quality': quality,
'resolution': kw.get('resolution'),
'frame': kw.get('frame'),
'image_size': image_size,
'format': format,
kw['format'] = format
kw['quality'] = quality
mime, image = self.getConversion(**convert_kw)
mime, image_data = self.getConversion(**kw)
except KeyError:
mime, image = self._makeDisplayPhoto(**convert_kw)
self.setConversion(image, mime, **convert_kw)
return mime,
# we need to convert string representation (i.e. display=small) to a
# pixel (number of it = 128x128)
kw['image_size'] = image_size
display = kw.pop('display', None)
mime, image = self._makeDisplayPhoto(**kw)
image_data =
# as image will always be requested through a display not by passing exact
# pixels we need to restore this way in cache
kw['display'] = display
image_size = kw.pop('image_size', None)
self.setConversion(image_data, mime, **kw)
return mime, image_data
# Display
security.declareProtected(Permissions.View, 'index_html')
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