Commit 2b4e93d5 authored by Ayush Tiwari's avatar Ayush Tiwari

bt5_config: Break updateInstallation State function to 2 functions which install and compare states

parent e6c52c24
......@@ -1913,7 +1913,7 @@ class TemplateTool (BaseTool):
def updateInstallationState(self, bm_list):
def compareInstallationState(self, bm_list):
Run installation after comparing combined Business Manager status
......@@ -2059,8 +2059,61 @@ class TemplateTool (BaseTool):
return change_list
def updateInstallationState(self, bm_list, force=1):
First compare installation state and then install the final value
change_list = self.compareInstallationState(bm_list)
if force:
to_install_path_list = [l[0] for l in change_list]
to_install_path_list = self.sortPathList(to_install_path_list)
# Install the path items with bm_list as context
self.installBusinessItemList(bm_list, to_install_path_list)
installMultipleBusinessManager = updateInstallationState
def installBusinessItemList(self, manager_list, item_path_list):
Install Business Item/Business Property Item from the current Installation
Process given the change_list which carries the list of paths to be
LOG('INFO', 0, '%s' % [item_path_list])
# Create BM for new installation state and update its path item list
new_installation_state = self.newContent(
portal_type='Business Manager',
title='Final Installation State',
combined_new_path_item_list = [item for bm
in manager_list
for item in bm.objectValues()]
for item in combined_new_path_item_list:
item.isIndexable = ConstantGetter('isIndexable', value=False)
new_id = new_installation_state.generateNewId()
new_installation_state._setObject(new_id, aq_base(item),
for path in item_path_list:
item = new_installation_state.getBusinessItemByPath(path)
if item is None:
raise ValueError("Couldn't find path in current Installation State")
# Update workflow history of the installed Business Manager(s)
# Get the 'business_manager_installation_workflow' as it is already
# bootstrapped and installed
portal_workflow = self.getPortalObject().portal_workflow
wf = portal_workflow._getOb('business_manager_installation_workflow')
# Change the installation state for all the BM(s) in manager_list.
for manager in manager_list:
wf._executeMetaTransition(manager, 'installed')
def calculateComparableHash(self, object, isProperty=False):
Remove some attributes before comparing hashses
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