Commit 2cf1dbf9 authored by Yusei Tahara's avatar Yusei Tahara

Fix a bug. super was not needed.

parent d6baf175
......@@ -165,8 +165,7 @@ class ERP5TypeTestReLoader(ERP5TypeTestLoader):
# do not reload ERP5TypeTestCase because we patch it
testModule = reload(testModule)
testCaseClass = getattr(testModule, testCaseClass.__name__)
return super(ERP5TypeTestReLoader,
return ERP5TypeTestReLoader.loadTestsFromTestCase(self, testCaseClass)
def runLiveTest(test_list, verbosity=1, stream=None, **kw):
from Products.ERP5Type.tests.runUnitTest import DebugTestResult
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