Commit 3852fd21 authored by Benjamin Blanc's avatar Benjamin Blanc Committed by Sebastien Robin

Add scalability test suite runner.

This runner is used by scalability test, it communicates
with ERP5 Master and launch test suite (using performance_tester).
parent 528ca993
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......@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ setup(name=name,
'erp5.util.benchmark.performance_tester:main [benchmark]',
'scalability_tester_erp5 = '\
'erp5.util.benchmark.scalability_tester:main [scalability_tester]',
'runScalabilityTestSuite = '\
'generate_erp5_tester_report = '\
' [benchmark-report]',
'web_checker_utility = erp5.util.webchecker:web_checker_utility'
......@@ -140,4 +140,23 @@ class ERP5_simulation(_ERP5):
return super(ERP5_simulation, self).runUnitTest(
erp5_report_new_simulation_failures='1', *args, **kw)
class ERP5_scalability(_ERP5):
def getTestList(self):
return ['createPerson', 'createSaleOrder', 'createWebPage']
def getTestPath(self):
return 'erp5/util/benchmark/examples/'
def getUsersFilePath(self):
return 'erp5/util/benchmark/examples/scalabilityUsers'
def getUserNumber(self, test_number):
return [45, 135, 170, 220, 250][test_number]
# Test duration in seconds
def getTestDuration(self, test_number):
return 60*10
def getTestRepetition(self, test_number):
return 3
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