Commit 3eb9c812 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Python monkey-patch to speed up email parsing

parent 382916b8
......@@ -113,6 +113,62 @@ if sys.version_info < (2, 7):
collections.OrderedDict = OrderedDict
if 1:
# Speed up email parsing (see also
from email import Parser as parser, FeedParser as feedparser # BBB
NLCRE_crack_split = feedparser.NLCRE_crack.split
def push(self, data):
"""Push some new data into this object."""
# <patch>
if self._partial[-1:] == '\r':
parts = NLCRE_crack_split('\r' + data)
parts[0] = self._partial[:-1]
parts = NLCRE_crack_split(data)
parts[0] = self._partial + parts[0]
# </patch>
# The *ahem* interesting behaviour of re.split when supplied grouping
# parentheses is that the last element of the resulting list is the
# data after the final RE. In the case of a NL/CR terminated string,
# this is the empty string.
self._partial = parts.pop()
#GAN 29Mar09 bugs 1555570, 1721862 Confusion at 8K boundary ending with \r:
# is there a \n to follow later?
if not self._partial and parts and parts[-1].endswith('\r'):
self._partial = parts.pop(-2)+parts.pop()
# parts is a list of strings, alternating between the line contents
# and the eol character(s). Gather up a list of lines after
# re-attaching the newlines.
lines = []
for i in range(len(parts) // 2):
lines.append(parts[i*2] + parts[i*2+1])
feedparser.BufferedSubFile.push = push
FeedParser = feedparser.FeedParser
def parse(self, fp, headersonly=False):
"""Create a message structure from the data in a file.
Reads all the data from the file and returns the root of the message
structure. Optional headersonly is a flag specifying whether to stop
parsing after reading the headers or not. The default is False,
meaning it parses the entire contents of the file.
feedparser = FeedParser(self._class)
if headersonly:
while True:
# <patch>
data =
# </patch>
if not data:
return feedparser.close()
parser.Parser.parse = parse
# Workaround bad use of getcwd() in docutils.
# Required by
from docutils import utils
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