Commit 7e2725fa authored by Romain Courteaud's avatar Romain Courteaud

tests: fixup query module jump change

See b678a025
parent b678a025
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......@@ -242,8 +242,8 @@ class TestERP5Core(ERP5TypeTestCase, ZopeTestCase.Functional):
{'id': 'view_historical_diff',
'title': 'View Historical Diff'}],
'object_jio_action': [{'id': 'post_query', 'title': 'Post a Query'}],
'object_jump': [{'id': 'jump_query', 'title': 'Queries'},
{'id': 'jump_related_object', 'title': 'Related Objects'}],
'object_jio_jump': [{'id': 'jump_query', 'title': 'Queries'}],
'object_jump': [{'id': 'jump_related_object', 'title': 'Related Objects'}],
'object_search': [{'title': 'Search', 'id': 'search'}],
'object_sort': [{'title': 'Sort', 'id': 'sort_on'}],
'object_ui': [{'title': 'Modify UI', 'id': 'list_ui'}],
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ class TestQueryModule(ERP5TypeTestCase):
def test_jump_query_action_visible(self):
action_list = self.portal.portal_actions.listFilteredActionsFor(
self.assertEqual(1, len([ai for ai in
action_list if ai['name'] == 'Queries']))
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