Commit 841a62b1 authored by Bryton Lacquement's avatar Bryton Lacquement

ERP5Site: make Unauthorized redirection work with CMF 2.3

Products.CMFCore.CookieCrumbler's redirect support was moved to
Products.CMFDefault in CMF 2.3, cf:
- CMFCore: 387bd379fd9655aa1462715a04b4664f5c54974a
- CMFDefault: d319a68e8299e42a76f605ad79383bb78db14031

Registering portal_actions allows CMFDefault to redirect correctly,
cf UnauthorizedView.__call__
parent 3590c6ab
......@@ -338,7 +338,10 @@ class ERP5Site(FolderMixIn, CMFSite, CacheCookieMixin):
def _registerMissingTools(self):
from Products.CMFCore import interfaces, utils
tool_id_list = ("portal_skins", "portal_types", "portal_membership",
"portal_url", "portal_workflow")
"portal_url", "portal_workflow",
# Registering portal_actions allows CMFDefault 2.3 to
# redirect correctly, cf UnauthorizedView.__call__
if None in map(self.get, tool_id_list):
return False
sm = self._components
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