Commit 88c4ccf7 authored by Arnaud Fontaine's avatar Arnaud Fontaine

Make sure that diagram bars are properly aligned in scalability test report.

parent 20bcfa15
......@@ -269,6 +269,25 @@ def drawDecorator(xlabel, ylabel, with_table=False):
return inner
def forceZeroBarDrawing(result_list):
Dirty hack to draw a bar even if the value is zero, otherwise nothing is
drawn and bars are not properly aligned
no_zero_list = []
zero_count = 0
for value in result_list:
if value == 0:
value = 1e-20
zero_count += 1
if len(result_list) == zero_count:
return result_list
return no_zero_list
@drawDecorator(xlabel=None, ylabel='Seconds', with_table=True)
def drawBarDiagram(axes, stat_list, only_average=False):
mean_list = []
......@@ -306,17 +325,19 @@ def drawBarDiagram(axes, stat_list, only_average=False):
width = 0.33
avg_rect_position = ind + width
avg_rects =, mean_list, width, color='r',
avg_rects =, forceZeroBarDrawing(mean_list),
width, color='r', label='Mean')
axes.errorbar(numpy.arange(0.5, len(stat_list)), mean_list,
yerr=[yerr_lower, yerr_upper], fmt=None,
label='Standard deviation')
if not only_average:
min_rects =, minimum_list, width, color='y', label='Minimum')
max_rects = + width * 2, maximum_list, width, label='Maximum',
min_rects =, forceZeroBarDrawing(minimum_list),
width, color='y', label='Minimum')
max_rects = + width * 2, forceZeroBarDrawing(maximum_list),
width, label='Maximum', color='g')
axes.table(rowLabels=['Minimum', 'Average', 'Std. deviation', 'Maximum', 'Errors'],
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