Commit b89e433f by Aurélien Vermylen Committed by Jérome Perrin

Clarify "Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Timer Service".

The button "Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Timer Service" does not clearly 
explain the fact that it determines whether or not Alarms are enabled in
ERP5. It is very counter-intuitive to see Alarms on "enabled" in the 
"Configure Alarms" screen and yet not have them being run because the
Alarm Node is not subscribed to the Timer Service.

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......@@ -125,6 +125,16 @@ Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
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<p class="form-help">
The Timer Service runs all periodic events in ERP5. By "Subscribing" the Alarm Node to the Timer Service,
you will enable Alarms in ERP5, and they will thus run at their configured time intervals. Note that if you
do not Subscribe to the Timer Service, Alarms will <span style="font-weight: bold">not</span> run in ERP5 at all,
even if you have "enabled" them in the "Configure Alarms" menu of ERP5.
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