Fix AcceptSolver for category with multiple values

parent 408d9ab0
......@@ -74,8 +74,19 @@ class AcceptSolver(SolverMixin, ConfigurableMixin, XMLObject):
activate_kw=activate_kw, **activate_kw)
movement = simulation_movement.getDeliveryValue()
value_dict = {}
base_category_set = set(movement.getBaseCategoryList())
for solved_property in solved_property_list:
new_value = movement.getProperty(solved_property)
if solved_property in base_category_set:
# XXX-Leo: Hack, the accept solver was 'accepting' only the first
# value of a category and discarding all others by using only
# movement.getProperty().
# A proper fix would perhaps be to use .getPropertyList() always
# (and use .setPropertyList()), but we need to do property
# mapping on simulation and there is no
# simulation_movement.setMappedPropertyList().
new_value = movement.getPropertyList(solved_property)
new_value = movement.getProperty(solved_property)
# XXX hard coded
if solved_property == 'quantity':
new_quantity = new_value * simulation_movement.getDeliveryRatio()
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