un-hardcode the type list getAggregatedAmountList

parent e53aff97
......@@ -97,12 +97,16 @@ class TradeModelRuleMovementGenerator(MovementGeneratorMixin):
def _getInputMovementList(self, movement_list=None, rounding=False):
simulation_movement = self._applied_rule.getParentValue()
portal = self._applied_rule.getPortalObject()
# List of types passed to simulation_movemet.asComposedDocument()
# it needs to include portal types of all 'amount_generator*' groups:
composition_type_list = (portal.getPortalAmountGeneratorTypeList() +
portal.getPortalAmountGeneratorLineTypeList() +
amount_list = simulation_movement.getAggregatedAmountList(
input_movement = aq_base(simulation_movement).__of__(self._applied_rule)
for amount in simulation_movement.getAggregatedAmountList(
# XXX add a 'trade_amount_generator' group type
amount_generator_type_list=('Purchase Trade Condition',
'Sale Trade Condition',
'Trade Model Line')):
for amount in amount_list:
if amount.getResource():
# FIXME: Is it the right way to have source/destination and other
# non-Amount properties set on the generated movement ?
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