Commit d89509ac authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin

ERP5Type: use constraints accessors in _filteredConstraintList

Constraints are supposed to have a getReference and getConstraintType
parent a198f5b8
......@@ -2669,13 +2669,13 @@ class Base( CopyContainer,
reference_list = filt.get('reference', None)
if not isinstance(reference_list, (list, tuple)):
reference_list = [reference_list]
constraints = filter(lambda x:x.getProperty('reference') in \
constraints = filter(lambda x:x.getReference() in \
reference_list, constraints)
if 'constraint_type' in filt:
constraint_type_list = filt.get('constraint_type', None)
if not isinstance(constraint_type_list, (list, tuple)):
constraint_type_list = [constraint_type_list]
constraints = filter(lambda x:x.__of__(self).getProperty('constraint_type') in \
constraints = filter(lambda x:x.__of__(self).getConstraintType() in \
constraint_type_list, constraints)
return constraints
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