Commit fe9b836f authored by Nicolas Delaby's avatar Nicolas Delaby Committed by Arnaud Fontaine

Initial version of utility able to check caching

configuration of websites with help of Varnish.

This script use wget to crawl the website and inspect all Status code,
then headers returns by server.

This script parse also varnish logs to know if client's query goes to the backend
or not.

This utility is still under developement, it's released under beta version
for testing purpose only.

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2010-08-03 Nicolas Delaby
First release
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Utility able to call wget and varnishlog to extract Headers and return all failures
according expected caching policy.
This utility is configurable through a dictionnary like
configuration = {'url': '',
'working_directory': '/home/me/tmp/crawled_content',
'varnishlog_binary_path': 'varnishlog',
'header_list': {'Last-Modified': True,
'Cache-Control': ('max-age=300', 'max-age=3600',),
'Vary' : ('Accept-Language, Cookie', 'Accept-Language,Cookie'),
'Expires': True,
'email_address': '',
'smtp_host': 'localhost',
'debug_level': 'debug',
url : website to check
working_directory : fetched data will be downloaded
varnishlog_binary_path : path to varnishlog
header_list : Key == Header id.
value: if equals to True, it means that header needs to be present in RESPONSE
if it is a tuple, the Header value must sastify at least one of the proposed values
email_address : email address to send result
smtp_host : smtp host to use
debug_level : log level of this utility (debug =>very verbose,
This utility requires wget => 1.12
And a callable varnishlog.
The utility must be run on same server where varnish is running.
web_checker reads varnishlogs to detect if a Query goes to the backend.
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