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    ZODB Components: erp5_web: Migrate Documents and Unit Tests (MR !1219). · 8e211e3e
    Arnaud Fontaine authored
    * Properly override WebSite Document in erp5_web_shadir by creating a new
    * Keep Web{Section,Site}TraversalHook in Product/ERP5/Document as these are
      not ERP5 objects. Also, add `kept_for_backward_compatibility_only` to
      importLocalDocument() to handle pattern where the Document class has been
      migrated but some code remains.
    * Move WebSection_get*PrecacheManifestList Python Script from bt5 not depending
      on erp5_web to erp5_web_renderjs as this is required by CodingStyleTest
      (WebSection being now in erp5_web).
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