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    simulation: The parent SM may have several BLs as 'causality'. · 3f4c8e91
    Arnaud Fontaine authored
    Simulation Tree:
        AR(Inventory Accounting Transaction)
    Where SM_IAT.isBuildable() returns True iff:
      * SM_IAT(ledger=A): SM_PPL delivery state == 'started' (Shipped).
      * SM_IAT(ledger=B): SM_PPL delivery state == 'stopped' (Received).
    Defining this in a single BP lead to the following Business Links:
      * BL_PPL_started:
        - predecessor=trade/ordered
        - successor=trade/delivery_started
        - completed_state_list=['started']
        - trade_phase=trade/delivery
      * BL_IAT_ledger_A:
        - predecessor=trade/delivery_started
        - successor=trade/inventory_accounted
        - trade_phase=trade/inventory_accounting
        - predicate: ledger == A
      * BL_PPL_delivered:
        - predecessor=trade/ordered
        - successor=trade/delivered
        - completed_state_list=['stopped', 'delivered']
        - trade_phase=trade/delivery
      * BL_IAT_ledger_B:
        - predecessor=trade/delivered
        - successor=trade/inventory_accounted
        - trade_phase=trade/inventory_accounting
        - predicate: ledger == B
    This means that SM_PPL will have both BL_PPL_started and
    BBL_PPL_delivered Business Links as causality which was not handled
    by isBuildable.
    Another solution would have been to add this logic on the Builder
    'Simulation Select Method' but IMO this should not be done there.
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