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    all: Replace after_path_and_method_id on reindexation methods by after_tag · 028c9ad7
    Vincent Pelletier authored
    after_method_id is too aggressive a dependency.
    after_path_and_method_id is marginally better, but is bad practice
    nevertheless, as such activity dependencies remain very hard to introspect.
    Tags allow more variations, and are hence easier to follow.
    Also, add XXX comments when (recursive) reindexation is only added to
    represent the dependency, without certainty that a reindexation is actually
    needed per-se: maybe another place in the code chould just appropriately
    tag its reindexation activities instead, saving at least the cost of
    spawning one more activity set, and at most the cost of actually
    reindexing these documents.
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