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    ZODB Components: Likewise Document, add Mixin (erp5.component.mixin) and... · e84d2b51
    Arnaud Fontaine authored
    ZODB Components: Likewise Document, add Mixin (erp5.component.mixin) and Interface (erp5.component.interface).
    * One Mixin/Interface class per ZODB Component.
      => Already the case for FS Mixin, not for Interfaces.
    * ZODB Components module name ('reference' property) and class name:
      + Mixin: FooMixin.
      + Interface: IFoo.
      + Avoid current FS hacks: registry (Mixins, mixin_class_registry) or import
        all classes explicitly in __init__.py (Products.ERP5Type.interfaces).
      + Consistent naming.
      + Consistent with ZODB Documents Components.
    Also, modify pylint checker to handle Zope Interfaces:
      + E: 4, 0: Inheriting 'Interface', which is not a class. (inherit-non-class)
      + E: 5, 2: Method has no argument (no-method-argument)
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