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    First step of migration to zodb property sheets · 9ddcbfc1
    Nicolas Dumazet authored
    * ERP5Type.PropertySheet becomes a dynamic module that returns strings
      instead of classes for compatibility:
      - the document classes can now use strings in property_sheets attribute
      - if a document uses a string instead of a class reference to point to a
        property sheet, it means that the property sheet can either be an old
        (filesytem, local, in a product) property sheet, or a zodb propertysheet
      For now, the contents of ERP5Type.PropertySheet (strings) are overwritten
      if a local PropertySheet is loaded from the disk. But with time, as
      property sheets will migrate to ZODB, the module will empty itself and
      contain only strings.
    * Move all property sheets from all products to ERP5PropertySheetLegacy
      product. Only property sheets that were left 'as is' are CMF* property
    This commit is mostly a move to another Product, and should have small
    consequences on tests/existing instances.
    However, if you used to import PropertySheets in custom/project code
    in your custom Property Sheets, you will need to rename:
       from Products.*.PropertySheet.Foo import Foo
       from Products.ERP5PropertySheetLegacy.Foo import Foo
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