Commit b9a9e37b authored by Annabel Dunstone Gray's avatar Annabel Dunstone Gray Committed by Alejandro Rodríguez

Merge branch '25055-pipelines-info-missing-from-mr-widget' into 'master'

Fix pipelines info being hidden in merge request widget

## What does this MR do?

Reintroduces CSS classes that are necessary for `MergeRequestWidget` to show correct divs.

## Does this MR meet the acceptance criteria?

- [x] [Changelog entry]( added
- ~~[ ] [Documentation created/updated](
- ~~[ ] API support added~~
- Tests
  - ~~[ ] Added for this feature/bug~~
  - [x] All builds are passing
- [x] Conform by the [merge request performance guides](
- [x] Conform by the [style guides](
- [x] Branch has no merge conflicts with `master` (if it does - rebase it please)
- [x] [Squashed related commits together](

## What are the relevant issue numbers?

Closes #25055

See merge request !7808
parent 8022f72d
- if @pipeline
- %w[success success_with_warnings skipped canceled failed running pending].each do |status|
.ci_widget{ class: "ci-status-icon-#{status}", style: ("display:none" unless @pipeline.status == status) }
.ci_widget{ class: "ci-#{status} ci-status-icon-#{status}", style: ("display:none" unless @pipeline.status == status) }
= ci_icon_for_status(status)
title: Fix pipelines info being hidden in merge request widget
merge_request: 7808
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