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    • Bob Van Landuyt's avatar
      Filter params in MR build service · 8af7f42c
      Bob Van Landuyt authored
      Reusing the existing `IssuableBaseService#filter_params` which uses
      the policies to determine what params a user can set, and which values
      it can be set to.
      This also removed the need for the seperate call to
      The `Issues::BuildService` does not suffer from this because it limits
      the params that are assignable to the `title`, `description` and
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    • Kerri Miller's avatar
      Extract SanitizeNodeLink and apply to WikiLinkFilter · 727f0ede
      Kerri Miller authored
      The SanitizationFilter was running before the WikiFilter. Since
      WikiFilter can modify links, we could see links that _should_ be stopped
      by SanatizationFilter being rendered on the page. I (kerrizor) had
      previously addressed the bug in: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ee/commit/7bc971915bbeadb950bb0e1f13510bf3038229a4
      However, an additional exploit was discovered after that was merged.
      Working through the issue, we couldn't simply shuffle the order of
      filters, due to some implicit assumptions about the order of filters, so
      instead we've extracted the logic that sanitizes a Nokogiri-generated
      Node object, and applied it to the WikiLinkFilter as well.
      On moving filters around:
      Once we start moving around filters, we get cascading failures; fix one,
      another one crops up. Many of the existing filters in the WikiPipeline
      chain seem to assume that other filters have already done their work,
      and thus operate on a "transform anything that's left" basis;
      WikiFilter, for instance, assumes any link it finds in the markdown
      should be prepended with the wiki_base_path.. but if it does that, it
      also turns `href="@user"` into `href="/path/to/wiki/@user"`, which the
      UserReferenceFilter doesn't see as a user reference it needs to
      transform into a user profile link. This is true for all the reference
      filters in the WikiPipeline.