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    DavStorage: add 'with_credentials' option to send domain cookie · 168b7c44
    iv authored
    This option is false by default to prevent any Cross Origin issue unsupported by most webdav servers
    Squashed commit of the following:
    commit 1591f5e199f91abca92ba3bb46ee3aa356c976fc
    Author: Romain Courteaud <romain@nexedi.com>
    Date:   Fri Dec 18 15:56:42 2015 +0100
        DavStorage: rename _withcredentials parameter to with_credentials
        Add tests.
        Update documentation.
    commit 33b2113ca5ac42b015264f12776326d848320022
    Author: Isabelle Vallet <isabelle.vallet@nexedi.com>
    Date:   Wed Dec 16 06:22:08 2015 -0800
        DAV storage: add option for cross-origin cookie propagation.
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