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Javascript Input/Output
Powerful, Intelligent, and Intuitive back-end to write over the internet
How easy is it to get, save or remove a document?
// get 'document.txt'
jio.get('document.txt',function (err, val) {
console.log (err || val.content);
// update 'document.txt'
jio.put({_id:'document.txt',content:'newcontent'}, function (err, val) {
console.log (err || val);
// get a list of documents
jio.allDocs(function (err, val) {
console.log (err || val.total_rows);
// remove 'document.txt'
jio.remove ({_id:'document.txt'}, function (err, val) {
console.log (err || val);
Documentation Index
+ [What is jIO?](#what-is-jio)
+ [How does it work?](#how-does-it-work)
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