Commit 75e245fe authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

Apply a workaround for inspect.getmembers recent behaviour change.

parent 6959fbe6
...@@ -527,3 +527,28 @@ class DoNothingConnector(Mock): ...@@ -527,3 +527,28 @@ class DoNothingConnector(Mock):
__builtin__.pdb = lambda depth=0: \ __builtin__.pdb = lambda depth=0: \
debug.getPdb().set_trace(sys._getframe(depth+1)) debug.getPdb().set_trace(sys._getframe(depth+1))
def _fixMockForInspect():
inspect module change broke Mock, see
Monkey-patch Mock class if needed by replacing predicate parameter on 2nd
getmembers call with isroutine (was ismethod).
import inspect
class A(object):
def f(self):
if not inspect.getmembers(A, inspect.ismethod):
# _setupSubclassMethodInterceptors is under the FreeBSD license.
# See pyMock module for the whole license.
def _setupSubclassMethodInterceptors(self):
methods = inspect.getmembers(self.__class__,inspect.isroutine)
baseMethods = dict(inspect.getmembers(Mock, inspect.isroutine))
for m in methods:
name = m[0]
# Don't record calls to methods of Mock base class.
if not name in baseMethods:
self.__dict__[name] = MockCallable(name, self, handcrafted=True)
from mock import Mock
Mock._setupSubclassMethodInterceptors = _setupSubclassMethodInterceptors
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