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    gpython: Add way to run it with threads runtime · a6b993c8
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    Until now gpython was always activating gevent on startup + adding
    goodness such as "always UTF-8 default encoding"; go, chan, b/u and
    friends available from builtin namespace, etc... While those goodness
    are sometimes useful on their own, it is not always appropriate to force
    a project to switch from threads to gevent.
    For this reason add a flag to select which runtime - either gevent
    or threads - gpython should use.
    	gpython -Xgpython.runtime=gevent	selects gevent,
    	gpython -Xgpython.runtime=threads	selects threads.
    Gevent remains the default.
    It is also possible to specify desired runtime via $GPYTHON_RUNTIME
    environment variable.
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