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    Turn pygopath into full pygolang · afa46cf5
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    Not only we can import modules by full path, but now we can also spawn
    threads/coroutines and exchange data in between them with the same
    primitives and semantic as in Go.
    The bulk of new functionality is copied from here:
    Original commit description follows:
    golang: New _Python_ package to provide Go-like features to Python language
    - `go` spawns lightweight thread.
    - `chan` and `select` provide channels with Go semantic.
    - `method` allows to define methods separate from class.
    - `gimport` allows to import python modules by full path in a Go workspace.
    The focus of first draft was on usage interface and on correctness, not speed.
    In particular select should be fully working.
    If there is a chance I will maybe try to followup with gevent-based
    implementation in the future.
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