Commit 281defb2 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

context: Switch to comparing value keys by identity instead of equality

It will be some extra work to define general equality when moving
context code into C. However that is unnecessary as usually a key is
specific to one particular package, and value associated with that key
is struct, or some other aggregate, that is holding all package-specific
context values.

Switching to compare keys by identity preserves that use-case while
making transition to C easier.
parent f76c11f3
......@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@ cdef class PyContext:
raise NotImplementedError()
# value returns value associated with key, or None, if context has no key.
# NOTE keys are compared by object identity, _not_ equality.
# For example two different object instances that are treated by Python as
# equal will be considered as _different_ keys.
def value(PyContext ctx, object key): # -> value | None
raise NotImplementedError()
......@@ -301,7 +305,7 @@ cdef class _ValueCtx(_BaseCtx):
ctx._value = value
def value(_ValueCtx ctx, object key):
if ctx._key == key:
if ctx._key is key:
return ctx._value
return super(_ValueCtx, ctx).value(key)
......@@ -42,6 +42,35 @@ Y = True
bg = context.background()
# keys for context values
class Key:
def __init__(self, key):
self._key = key
def __repr__(self):
return "Key(%r)" % (self._key,)
# __hash__ and __eq__ so that Key(x) == Key(x) to verify that keys are
# compared by identity, _not_ equality.
def __hash__(self):
return hash(self._key)
def __eq__(lhs, rhs):
if not isinstance(rhs, Key):
return False
return lhs._key == rhs._key
kA = Key("a")
assert kA == kA
assert not (kA != kA)
assert kA == Key("a")
assert kA != Key("b")
kHello = Key("hello")
kHello2 = Key("hello")
assert kHello is not kHello2
assert kHello == kHello2
kAbc = Key("abc")
kBeta = Key("beta")
kMir = Key("мир")
# test_context exercises with_cancel / with_value and merge.
# deadlines are tested in test_deadline.
def test_context():
......@@ -49,7 +78,7 @@ def test_context():
assert bg.done() == nilchan
assert bg.deadline() is None
assert not ready(bg.done())
assert bg.value("hello") is None
assert bg.value(kHello) is None
ctx1, cancel1 = context.with_cancel(bg)
assert ctx1.done() != bg.done()
......@@ -60,29 +89,31 @@ def test_context():
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11})
assertCtx(ctx11, Z)
ctx111 = context.with_value(ctx11, "hello", "alpha")
vAlpha = Key("alpha") # value object; Key is just reused as placeholder
ctx111 = context.with_value(ctx11, kHello, vAlpha)
assert ctx111.done() == ctx11.done()
assert ctx111.value("hello") == "alpha"
assert ctx111.value("abc") is None
assert ctx111.value(kHello) is vAlpha # original value object is returned
assert ctx111.value(kHello2) is None # _not_ vAlpha: keys are compared by identity
assert ctx111.value(kAbc) is None
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11})
assertCtx(ctx11, {ctx111})
assertCtx(ctx111, Z)
ctx1111 = context.with_value(ctx111, "beta", "gamma")
ctx1111 = context.with_value(ctx111, kBeta, "gamma")
assert ctx1111.done() == ctx11.done()
assert ctx1111.value("hello") == "alpha"
assert ctx1111.value("beta") == "gamma"
assert ctx1111.value("abc") is None
assert ctx1111.value(kHello) is vAlpha
assert ctx1111.value(kBeta) == "gamma"
assert ctx1111.value(kAbc) is None
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11})
assertCtx(ctx11, {ctx111})
assertCtx(ctx111, {ctx1111})
assertCtx(ctx1111, Z)
ctx12 = context.with_value(ctx1, "hello", "world")
ctx12 = context.with_value(ctx1, kHello, "world")
assert ctx12.done() == ctx1.done()
assert ctx12.value("hello") == "world"
assert ctx12.value("abc") is None
assert ctx12.value(kHello) == "world"
assert ctx12.value(kAbc) is None
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11, ctx12})
assertCtx(ctx11, {ctx111})
assertCtx(ctx111, {ctx1111})
......@@ -91,8 +122,8 @@ def test_context():
ctx121, cancel121 = context.with_cancel(ctx12)
assert ctx121.done() != ctx12.done()
assert ctx121.value("hello") == "world"
assert ctx121.value("abc") is None
assert ctx121.value(kHello) == "world"
assert ctx121.value(kAbc) is None
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11, ctx12})
assertCtx(ctx11, {ctx111})
assertCtx(ctx111, {ctx1111})
......@@ -100,11 +131,11 @@ def test_context():
assertCtx(ctx12, {ctx121})
assertCtx(ctx121, Z)
ctx1211 = context.with_value(ctx121, "мир", "май")
ctx1211 = context.with_value(ctx121, kMir, "май")
assert ctx1211.done() == ctx121.done()
assert ctx1211.value("hello") == "world"
assert ctx1211.value("мир") == "май"
assert ctx1211.value("abc") is None
assert ctx1211.value(kHello) == "world"
assert ctx1211.value(kMir) == "май"
assert ctx1211.value(kAbc) is None
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11, ctx12})
assertCtx(ctx11, {ctx111})
assertCtx(ctx111, {ctx1111})
......@@ -116,10 +147,10 @@ def test_context():
ctxM, cancelM = context.merge(ctx1111, ctx1211)
assert ctxM.done() != ctx1111.done()
assert ctxM.done() != ctx1211.done()
assert ctxM.value("hello") == "alpha"
assert ctxM.value("мир") == "май"
assert ctxM.value("beta") == "gamma"
assert ctxM.value("abc") is None
assert ctxM.value(kHello) is vAlpha
assert ctxM.value(kMir) == "май"
assert ctxM.value(kBeta) == "gamma"
assert ctxM.value(kAbc) is None
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11, ctx12})
assertCtx(ctx11, {ctx111})
assertCtx(ctx111, {ctx1111})
......@@ -164,9 +195,9 @@ def test_deadline():
assert ctx1.done() != bg.done()
assertCtx(ctx1, Z, deadline=d2)
ctx11 = context.with_value(ctx1, "a", "b")
ctx11 = context.with_value(ctx1, kA, "b")
assert ctx11.done() == ctx1.done()
assert ctx11.value("a") == "b"
assert ctx11.value(kA) == "b"
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11}, deadline=d2)
assertCtx(ctx11, Z, deadline=d2)
......@@ -194,7 +225,7 @@ def test_deadline():
ctxM, cancelM = context.merge(ctx1111, ctx12)
assert ctxM.done() != ctx1111.done()
assert ctxM.done() != ctx12.done()
assert ctxM.value("a") == "b"
assert ctxM.value(kA) == "b"
assertCtx(ctx1, {ctx11, ctx12}, deadline=d2)
assertCtx(ctx11, {ctx111}, deadline=d2)
assertCtx(ctx111, {ctx1111}, deadline=d2)
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