Commit 60e89902 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

*: Don't use ':' for python path separator

It is os.pathsep, which is ';' on Windows.
parent 73fdea50
......@@ -1822,7 +1822,7 @@ def _pyrun(argv, stdin=None, stdout=None, stderr=None, **kw): # -> retcode, st
envpath = env.get('PYTHONPATH')
if envpath is not None:
env['PYTHONPATH'] = ':'.join(pathv)
env['PYTHONPATH'] = os.pathsep.join(pathv)
p = Popen(argv, stdin=(PIPE if stdin else None), stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr, env=env, **kw)
stdout, stderr = p.communicate(stdin)
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