Commit ba2ab242 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

context: Add type annotations to function arguments where possible

parent 34e3c404
......@@ -43,19 +43,19 @@ from cython cimport final
# key -> value dict.
cdef class Context:
# deadline() returns context deadline or None, if there is no deadline.
def deadline(ctx): # -> time | None
def deadline(Context ctx): # -> time | None
raise NotImplementedError()
# done returns channel that is closed when the context is canceled.
def done(ctx): # -> pychan(dtype='C.structZ')
def done(Context ctx): # -> pychan(dtype='C.structZ')
raise NotImplementedError()
# err returns None if done is not yet closed, or error that explains why context was canceled.
def err(ctx): # -> error
def err(Context ctx): # -> error
raise NotImplementedError()
# value returns value associated with key, or None, if context has no key.
def value(ctx, key): # -> value | None
def value(Context ctx, object key): # -> value | None
raise NotImplementedError()
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ def with_cancel(parent): # -> ctx, cancel
# Returned context inherits from parent and in particular has all other
# (key, value) pairs provided by parent.
def with_value(parent, key, value): # -> ctx
def with_value(parent, object key, object value): # -> ctx
return _ValueCtx({key: value}, parent)
# with_deadline creates new context with deadline.
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ def with_value(parent, key, value): # -> ctx
# The caller should explicitly call cancel to release context resources as soon
# the context is no longer needed.
def with_deadline(parent, deadline): # -> ctx, cancel
def with_deadline(parent, double deadline): # -> ctx, cancel
# parent's deadline is before deadline -> just use parent
pdead = parent.deadline()
if pdead is not None and pdead <= deadline:
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ def with_deadline(parent, deadline): # -> ctx, cancel
# with_timeout creates new context with timeout.
# it is shorthand for with_deadline(parent, now+timeout).
def with_timeout(parent, timeout): # -> ctx, cancel
def with_timeout(parent, double timeout): # -> ctx, cancel
return with_deadline(parent, + timeout)
# merge merges 2 contexts into 1.
......@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ cdef class _BaseCtx:
cdef object _err
cdef object _done # pychan | None
def __init__(ctx, done, *parentv):
def __init__(_BaseCtx ctx, done, *parentv): # XXX done -> pychan?
ctx._parentv = parentv
ctx._mu = _pysync.PyMutex()
......@@ -181,18 +181,18 @@ cdef class _BaseCtx:
def done(ctx):
def done(_BaseCtx ctx):
if ctx._done is not None:
return ctx._done
return ctx._parentv[0].done()
def err(ctx):
def err(_BaseCtx ctx):
with ctx._mu:
return ctx._err
# value returns value for key from one of its parents.
# this behaviour is inherited by all contexts except _ValueCtx who amends it.
def value(ctx, key):
def value(_BaseCtx ctx, object key):
for parent in ctx._parentv:
v = parent.value(key)
if v is not None:
......@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ cdef class _BaseCtx:
# deadline returns the earliest deadline of parents.
# this behaviour is inherited by all contexts except _TimeoutCtx who overrides it.
def deadline(ctx):
def deadline(_BaseCtx ctx):
d = None
for parent in ctx._parentv:
pd = parent.deadline()
......@@ -210,12 +210,12 @@ cdef class _BaseCtx:
return d
# _cancel cancels ctx and its children.
def _cancel(ctx, err):
def _cancel(_BaseCtx ctx, err):
return ctx._cancelFrom(None, err)
# _cancelFrom cancels ctx and its children.
# if cancelFrom != None it indicates which ctx parent cancellation was the cause for ctx cancel.
def _cancelFrom(ctx, cancelFrom, err):
def _cancelFrom(_BaseCtx ctx, cancelFrom, err):
with ctx._mu:
if ctx._err is not None:
return # already canceled
......@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ cdef class _BaseCtx:
# propagateCancel establishes setup so that whenever a parent is canceled,
# ctx and its children are canceled too.
def _propagateCancel(ctx):
def _propagateCancel(_BaseCtx ctx):
pforeignv = [] # parents with !pynilchan .done() for foreign contexts
for parent in ctx._parentv:
# if parent can never be canceled (e.g. it is background) - we
......@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ cdef class _BaseCtx:
# _CancelCtx is context that can be canceled.
cdef class _CancelCtx(_BaseCtx):
def __init__(ctx, *parentv):
def __init__(_CancelCtx ctx, *parentv):
super(_CancelCtx, ctx).__init__(pychan(dtype='C.structZ'), *parentv)
......@@ -294,11 +294,11 @@ cdef class _ValueCtx(_BaseCtx):
# does not change after setup.
cdef dict _kv
def __init__(ctx, kv, parent):
def __init__(_ValueCtx ctx, dict kv, parent):
super(_ValueCtx, ctx).__init__(None, parent)
ctx._kv = kv
def value(ctx, key):
def value(_ValueCtx ctx, object key):
v = ctx._kv.get(key)
if v is not None:
return v
......@@ -310,24 +310,24 @@ cdef class _TimeoutCtx(_CancelCtx):
cdef double _deadline
cdef object _timer # pytime.Timer
def __init__(ctx, timeout, deadline, parent):
def __init__(_TimeoutCtx ctx, double timeout, double deadline, parent):
super(_TimeoutCtx, ctx).__init__(parent)
assert timeout > 0
ctx._deadline = deadline
ctx._timer = pytime.after_func(timeout, lambda: ctx._cancel(deadlineExceeded))
def deadline(ctx):
def deadline(_TimeoutCtx ctx):
return ctx._deadline
# cancel -> stop timer
def _cancelFrom(ctx, cancelFrom, err):
def _cancelFrom(_TimeoutCtx ctx, cancelFrom, err):
super(_TimeoutCtx, ctx)._cancelFrom(cancelFrom, err)
# _ready returns whether channel ch is ready.
def _ready(ch):
def _ready(pychan ch):
_, _rx = pyselect(
ch.recv, # 0
pydefault, # 1
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