Commit d105d05a authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

tox: Gevent no longer fails to install with python2-dbg was fixed in
parent 0e3da017
envlist =
{ py27,py36,py37d,py37,pypy,pypy3}-{thread,gevent}
# XXX gevent fails to install with python2-dbg (
{py27d }-{thread }
# ThreadSanitizer
......@@ -12,14 +10,12 @@ envlist =
# (*) PyPy locks its GIL (see RPyGilAcquire) by manually doing atomic cmpxchg
# and other games, which TSAN cannot see if PyPy itself was not compiled with
# -fsanitize=thread.
{ py27,py36,py37d,py37 }-{thread }-tsan
# XXX see ^^^ about gevent vs python2-dbg
{py27d }-{thread }-tsan
{py27d,py27,py36,py37d,py37 }-{thread }-tsan
# XXX py*-gevent-tsan would be nice to have, but at present TSAN is not
# effective with gevent, because it does not understand greenlet "thread"
# switching and so perceives the program as having only one thread where races
# are impossible. Disabled to save time.
# { py27,py36,py37d,py37 }-{ gevent}-tsan
# {py27d,py27,py36,py37d,py37 }-{ gevent}-tsan
# AddressSanitizer
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