Commit cb3c62d3 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Log when the destruction of a tunnel is aborted

parent 7c350eb0
...@@ -264,6 +264,11 @@ class TunnelManager(object): ...@@ -264,6 +264,11 @@ class TunnelManager(object):
if self._killing: if self._killing:
for prefix, tunnel_killer in self._killing.items(): for prefix, tunnel_killer in self._killing.items():
if tunnel_killer.timeout < t: if tunnel_killer.timeout < t:
if tunnel_killer.state != 'unlocking':
'Abort destruction of tunnel %s %s/%s (state: %s)',
'to' if tunnel_killer.client else 'from',
int(prefix, 2), len(prefix), tunnel_killer.state)
tunnel_killer.unlock() tunnel_killer.unlock()
del self._killing[prefix] del self._killing[prefix]
else: else:
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