Commit cf8df175 authored by Guillaume Bury's avatar Guillaume Bury


parent 6bb407b9
To be done :
Add options to start udp server, tcp server or both
use the server as a bootstrap node
Use an algorithm to choose which connections to keep and/or establish
......@@ -24,6 +26,12 @@ To be done :
Handle LAN internally in order not to have catastrophic results ....
To be discussed:
G : Database structure for bith vifibnet and registry have been changed.
Index is now always on the prefix ( there is no id anymore ). And
the (ip, port, proto) tuples have been replaced with addresses :
it is a list of ip, port, proto, that way a peer can announce
different (port, proto) combination.
G, J : To get traffic stats ( bytes in/out ), you can use
/sys/class/net/interface/statistics/rx_bytes, etc...
or /proc/net/dev/snmp6/interface ( all in one file ). This can be enough
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