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Simple Language for Accounting and Provisioning python library.

How it works

The SLAP main server which is in charge of service coordination receives from participating servers the number of computer paritions which are available, the type of resource which a party is ready provide, and request from parties for resources which are needed.

Each participating server is identified by a unique ID and runs a slap-server daemon. This daemon collects from the main server the installation tasks and does the installation of resources, then notifies the main server of completion whenever a resource is configured, installed and available.

The data structure on the main server is the following:

  • A - Action: an action which can happen to provide a resource or account its usage
  • CP - Computer Partition: provides a URL to Access a Cloud Resource
  • RI - Resource Item: describes a resource
  • CI - Contract Item: describes the contract to attach the DL to (This is unclear still)
  • R - Resource: describes a type of cloud resource (ex. MySQL Table) is published on
  • DL - Delivery Line: Describes an action happening on a resource item on a computer partition
  • D - Delivery: groups multiple Delivery Lines