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Building the files to be sent to OBS

First make sure all files are ready and you have all necessary packages installed.

  $ ./make

All output files are in the 'dist' folder, which is created automatically.

Upload to OBS

For this, you need a checkout of the OBS repository, and make a 'osc' symlink
pointing to it. For example, the vifib test directory::

  A$ cd <where_you_want>
  B$ osc checkout home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet
  B$ cd home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet
  B$ osc up
  B$ cd A
  A$ ln -s B/home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet osc

And whenever you want to push updates::

  A$ ./make osc
  A$ (cd osc; osc commit)

Warning about SlapOS updates

When a SlapOS update would add new files to download-cache or extends-cache,
everything should be rebuilt by deleting the 'build' folder, in order to remove
unused files from the caches.