Building the files to be sent to OBS

First make sure all files are ready and you have all necessary packages installed.

  $ ./make

All output files are in the 'dist' folder, which is created automatically.

Upload to OBS

For this, you need a checkout of the OBS repository, and make a 'osc' symlink
pointing to it. For example, the vifib test directory::

  A$ cd <where_you_want>
  B$ osc checkout home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet
  B$ cd home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet
  B$ osc up
  B$ cd A
  A$ ln -s B/home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet osc

And whenever you want to push updates::

  A$ ./make osc
  A$ (cd osc && osc commit)

Warning about SlapOS updates

When a SlapOS update would add new files to download-cache or extends-cache,
everything should be rebuilt by deleting the 'build' folder, in order to remove
unused files from the caches.


1. Due to a bug in the 're6stnet' recipe, 'upstream' is skipped the first time
   you run `./make` if you didn't check out re6stnet.git earlier (manually).
   This leads to missing docs in the generated tarballs.

2. The completion condition for the 'buildout' recipe is not enough. If you
   interrupt it before it finishes, it may not resume the build when running
   `./make` again.