Commit d181e4f5 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

re6st-node: reimplement in Python the part to build files to send to OBS

Makefile was so horrible and unreliable.
I tried which is nice but not suitable for this
(see the example 'wscript' at the end).

Functional improvements:
- better detection of what needs to be rebuilt or not
- reproducible tarballs, except for the re6stnet egg
  (and the main tarball if the egg is rebuilt)
- fewer temporary files

And support for OSC is back.


import os, shutil, subprocess, urllib
from waflib import Node, Utils

PREFIX = "opt/re6st"
repo_dict = dict(

def configure(ctx):
    for name, url in repo_dict.iteritems():
        if ctx.path.find_node(name) is None:
            ctx.exec_command(("git", "clone", url), stdout=None, stderr=None)

def cfg(task):
    o, = task.outputs
    bld = task.generator.bld
    o.write(task.inputs[0].read() % dict(
        ROOT="${buildout:directory}/" + bld.bldnode.path_from(o.parent),

def bootstrap(task):
    b = task.outputs[0]
    d = b.parent.parent
    bootstrap = urllib.urlopen(BOOTSTRAP_URL).read()
    for cache in "download-cache", "extends-cache":
        cache = d.make_node(cache).abspath()
        if os.path.exists(cache):
    cwd = d.abspath()
    task.exec_command(("python2", "-S"), input=bootstrap, cwd=cwd)
    task.exec_command((b.abspath(), "buildout:parts=python"), cwd=cwd)

def sdist(task):
    r, p = task.inputs
    d = p.find_node("../../download-cache/dist")
    for x in d.ant_glob("re6stnet-*", quiet=True):
    task.exec_command((p.abspath(), "", "sdist", "-d", d.abspath()),

def build(bld):
    b = bld.bldnode.make_node(PREFIX)
    buildout_cfg = b.make_node("buildout.cfg")
    bld(source="", target=buildout_cfg, rule=cfg)
    tg = bld(source=(buildout_cfg, "slapos"), rule=bootstrap,
             target=map(b.make_node, ("bin/buildout", "bin/python")))
    buildout, python =
    r = bld.path.find_node("re6stnet")
    tg = bld(source=(r, python), rule=sdist, update_outputs=True,
    bld(name="buildout", source=(buildout_cfg,,
        rule=lambda task: task.exec_command((buildout.abspath(),),
            stdout=None, stderr=None, cwd=b.abspath()))


def h_file(fname, h_file=Utils.h_file):
    if os.path.isdir(fname):
        m = Utils.md5(fname)
        n = len(fname) + 1
        for dirpath, dirs, files in os.walk(fname):
            if dirpath.endswith(("/.git", ".egg-info")):
                del dirs[:]
            m.update(dirpath[n:] + '\0')
            for fname in files:
                m.update("%s\0%s\0" % (h_file(os.path.join(dirpath, fname)),
        return m.digest()
    return h_file(fname)
Utils.h_file = h_file

def find_resource(self, lst):
    if isinstance(lst, str):
        lst = [x for x in Node.split_path(lst) if x and x != '.']
    return self.get_bld().search_node(lst) \
        or self.get_src().find_node(lst)
Node.Node.find_resource = find_resource
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preparing the package
Building the files to be sent to OBS
First make sure all files are ready and you have all necessary packages installed.
You need in particular an OBS directory (for example, the vifib test directory)::
$ cd <directory_to_contain_prepare_script>
$ osc checkout home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet
$ cd home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet
$ osc up
$ ./make
All output files are in the 'dist' folder, which is created automatically.
Upload to OBS
For this, you need a checkout of the OBS repository, and make a 'osc' symlink
pointing to it. For example, the vifib test directory::
A$ cd <where_you_want>
B$ osc checkout home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet
B$ cd home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet
B$ osc up
B$ cd A
A$ ln -s B/home:VIFIBnexedi:branches:home:VIFIBnexedi/Re6stnet osc
And whenever you want to push updates::
A$ ./make osc
A$ (cd osc; osc commit)
Warning about SlapOS updates
When a SlapOS update would add new files to download-cache or extends-cache,
everything should be rebuilt by deleting the 'build' folder, in order to remove
unused files from the caches.
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